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Raahu Kethu Peyarchi 2011 - Thulam

Raahu comes into your 2nd place and Kethu into your 8th place.

There might be some painful separation from the family and you may have to travel at distances, mostly abroad.

Some will have to suffer from injuries or abscesses.  Some might even have bleeding injuries.  Some may get infliction of bronchinal infections like accute bronchitis or tuberculosis.  Some might have acidic disorders and giddiness.

Take care of your health and keep life in order and control.

There is a risk of theft or burglar for personal and home belongings.

Chances are there for getting involved in some fire accident in one form or the other.

There will be unexpected loss of money and personal belongings.  Utmost care is necessary to protect your properties from theft and natural damages.

Financial position will be walking on a tight rope.  Avoid liabilities and commitments.

There will be some unwarranted fear running underneath your mind.

Regularly pray Goddess Shree Durga for relief.


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