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Raahu Kethu Peyarchi 2011 - Dhanur

Raahu moves into your 12th place and Kethu into your 6th place.

There will be some sustainable loss in business or profession. 

Mental unrest and agony appear to be inevitable,

Some will be impelled to travel abroad under distress.  You will not feel comfortable about going abroad at this point of time and yet you will have to.

This will result in miserable separation from the family and yet you have to take the task on account of your family.

Liabilities and enmities pressing you until now will calm down and you will appear to have successfully stisfied them.

Your new opportunities will keep your liabilities and enmities at a bay.  You will feel like having been relieved from your liabilities or distressing conditions.

Exceptionally some will gain ornaments, gold, copper and related articles.

This Raahu Kethu peyarchi is going to give you the mixed effect of good and bad feelings.


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