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Raahu Kethu Peyarchi 2011 - Kumbam

You should be cauatious about your new friendships.  There will be elements in the new association which will trap you down to unlawful or undesired activities.  This will result in becoming accountable to law or the society.

Health will impair resulting in abdominal pain, chronic fevers and bleeding disorder.  Some may invite avoidable injuries.

Some will suffer from chest pain, mostly gastro-intestinal disorders.  Exceptionally in some cases, chances are there this may end up in cardiac problems.  A proper medical care will be necessary.

The good name and reputation that you have earned over time will appear to have been tarnished and distorted.  You will become accountable for the fault of somebody else.  Better refrain from intervening in the affairs of others even with a good objective of helping them out.

Finances will be stable.  But medical expenses may run out of control.

Do not take the risk of standing guarantee for any liability or for the faithful performance of commitments to third parties.

You will have to land in trouble.


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