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Guru Peyarchi Predictions 2010 - Makara Rashi

Guru Peyarchi due on 08-12-2010 will have its influence for a short period of 3 to 5 months, since Guru transits into Mesha Raasi on Athisaram on the 08th of May 2011, the impact of which can be expected two months in advance.
During the month of November 2010, you will feel a little relief from the stress.  Guru Baghwan coming back to Kumba Raasi will ensure that you have relief in the financial relief and well relief from the official or business tensions prevailing on you.

Still then all is not going to be well and happy in the period.  The headload of worries you have been carrying will continue to persist though not with such an intensity.

For the reason that Guru Baghwan is going back to Meena Raasi in another one month - that is on 05-1-2010 - the severity of the problems will intensify from December onwards and will continue to press you until May 2011.

Because Ashtama Sani is over and since Sani happens to be in the 9th house, you will survive your your job.  People running a weak Maha Dasa period will have to lose their jobs for one reason or the other.

For such people struggle for survival will prevail until May 2011.  By May 2011, you may find a job - but much to your satisfaction.  It may not give you the satatus or remuneration you deserve.  Yet you will have to accept the available opportunity by May 2011 by virtue of compulsion.

You may have to travel extensively on account of your business or profession, with results not matching your efforts.

Finances will be like walking on a tight rope.  You will have to balance balance between the receipts and expenses and will have to take initiative to patch up the deficits.

For some persons new liabilities will have to unavoidably created which will addd to the already prevailing woes.

Marriages and other Subha Kaaryas that you planned to perform during this period will have to be postponed beyond your control.

Your efforts to re-establish your past relationships will be futile.  All that you receive from your friends will be more that of a lip service than being of any practical help.

You will find that your friends and relatives try to maintain a distance from you - though apparently they will appear to be as normal and cordial.

Some persons will have a relocation of their working place - not much to their favour or fancy.

If you have designs to venture into a new business or expansion of the business, it is good that you keep your idea in cold storage for some more time - that is middle of 2012.

The only consolation will be that somehow you will be able to manage the affairs and keep the show running.  Since Guru is aspecting the 9th place from the Raasi, you can be somewhat confident that you will be able to get over the tough time.

Of course you will get over the tough time - but not now.  You will have to wait until May 2011 to receive a marginal relief.  The relief will not be an all out relief but only a marginal one.

If you are able to utilize the littles relaxation you will have after May 2011, you stand out excellent opportunities when Guru Baghwan moves further into


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