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Guru Peyarchi Predictions 2010 - Kanni Rashi

Guru Peyarchi due on 08-12-2010 will have its influence for a short period of 3 to 5 months, since Guru transits into Mesha Raasi on Athisaram on the 08th of May 2011, the impact of which can be expected two months in advance.

Guru Baghwan moves into your 7th place again.  The past over one month would have given you some turbulent experiences.

Things that appeared almost within reach would have vanished beyond your sight.  Things that appeared as likely to materialize, would have ended up nowhere near reach.

Now, time is taking a U turn.  Your efforts are going to materialize.  People dreaming or longing for an overseas travel will get their opportunity.

Business or profession will be profitable.  Turn over and profits will be adequate.  Employed persons will get their desired place or areas of work and will be happy about the new working environment.

Impending and long awaited marriage will materialize.  This is an appropriate time for performing the marriage.

People in business will find a new esteem in their performance and will be tempted to start a new venture.  All the happiness of the period are time limited until the first week of May 2011.  When you contemplate a new business or new venture, you should also be prepared to face problems in the period after May 2011.  Caution is necessary in planning and drawing future course of business 

Social reputation and professional reputation will be highly encouraging and promising.

You will have surplus funds that you will invest in profitable opportunities. 

Some people will have opportunities to organize and conduct the marriage of youngsters in the family.  As a result, your reputation will raise to a good level and you will receive appreciation for your performance.

You will have opportunities to receive the blessings of elders in the family and you will derive a moral courage and confidence because of the blessings.

From May 2011, a tough time may again show up.  Please keep watching our predictions for Guru Peyarchi in May 2011 for future predictions.

In the overall, the period until May 2011 will be a booming period, raising your financial status and social status to new heights.

The marriages and other Subha Kaarya in the family will also keep you happy.


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