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Guru Peyarchi Predictions 2010 - Kumbha Rashi

Guru Peyarchi due on 08-12-2010 will have its influence for a short period of 3 to 5 months, since Guru transits into Mesha Raasi on Athisaram on the 08th of May 2011, the impact of which can be expected two months in advance.
Guru Baghwan is transiting into your Janma Raasi in November first week and moves back to Meena Raasi on his regular course.

The Vakram period would bring about hardships.  Handling the day to day affairs would have been a task during the past about 3 months.  Material benefits that appeared very much handy would have disappointed you.  Though financially you would have felt a little comfort, it is doubtful that the level of satisfaction was far reaching.

This is time for a turn around. 

The invisible enmity that you have suffered hitherto will vanish in the thin air.  You will be able able to achieve your objectives consistent with your efforts.  People who tried to halt or impede your efforts will find it impossible and will back track.

The obstacles that you met in your way to achieve financial relief will wither out.  You can gain financial benefits.

Businessmen and professionals will find an excellent time in their performance and profits.

The money, materials or matters which you considered as having been totally lost or run out of control, will come back.

Some people will have opportunity to travel abroad and gain financial benefits out of the foreign journey.

This is time when you can take short term risk and try for short term goals.  Do not plan any long term projects during this period, for the reason that Guru Baghwan is going to move into your 3rd house in the month of May 2011.

Relatives who maintained a distance will come back and will try to revive their relationships.

Your social and business relationships will by and large improve.

There is every likelyhood that any litigation or arbitration or mediation you have been engaged in connection with your ancestral properties will come to a favourable settlement.

Ailing health will by and large improve and you can see a remarkable progress in your health matters.

Long pending marriage if any will materialize during this period. 

There will be some Subha Virayam on account of some Subha Karya in the family.

People longing for a child will have happy news.  Conceiving a child or delivering a child will keep you and your family happy.

All these pleasant happenings will prolong until the next Guru Peyarchi (in Adhisaram) in the month of May 2011.

There will be some tough experience after May 2011.  Keep watching for our Guru Peyarchi Predictions for May 2011.

In the overall, this period until May 2011 will be a period of prosperity, health


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