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Sun Sign Intro

Everything is westernized now!!! We calculate our horoscope based on moon sign and people in western countries calculate based on sun sign. It’s always good to know different formats of astrology. So lets see something (maybe full thing also!!) about sun sign now. Like in moon sign prediction, first house is called the ascendant. Seventh house is called the descendant. 

The first Sign of the Zodiac, Aries, is the ruler of the First House;
Taurus, the second Sign, rules the Second House, and so on
around the wheel. Any of the twelve Signs can visit a particular
House and add its Own characteristics to it, based on time, date
and place of birth. It would be correct to infer that the Houses
possess similar traits to the Signs which rule them, as well as
taking on traits of each Planet that travels through them.
However, while the Signs deal with inner traits and qualities relating to the self, the houses speak to the external world and outer influences.


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