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Scorpio Sun Sign Prediction

Scorpio is a Water Sign
Here is the sign of bold enterprise, a fearless nature guided by self control
and confidence but geared for action when the time demands.
The governing planet, Mars, provides the power with which this sign is
packed, denoting the will to surmount all obstacles. Scorpio people are
quiet, even secretive in manner, yet highly observant. Once roused to
action, they are determined, aggressive and dominant, always ready to
champion a cause. When they work for the good of others, they rise to
great heights and are much respected, but Scorpio people, always well
satisfied with themselves, can become domineering and arrogant. When
seeking reform, they show little mercy toward those who oppose them
and it is not uncommon for Scorpio folks to stretch a point and justify
their actions regardless of honest opposition. Scorpio people are blunt,
argumentative and natural fighters but their coolness under fire
deceives the opposition and adds to the Scorpio strength.
Birth stone: Topaz
Color: Blood Red
Power Stone: Hematite
Metal: Iron
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Flower: Honeysuckle

Scorpio is a Water element, and this makes it a somewhat enigmatic sign. Water is more
receptive and introverted, but Scorpio is a Plutonian-power force. Perhaps that is why Scorpio
is the sign capable of the greatest metamorphosis and renewal. If we think about it, we may look
at a lake and see the interplay of light and shadows. Unless we explore further, we cannot tell
just how deep it is -- or what is going on within. You'll find great love, feeling, desire and
sensitivity when we probe the depths of mysterious Scorpio. A fixed nature makes Scorpio favor
stability. Without some positive energy, Scorpio can go to extremes. The Scorpion may use his
or her the strength to exert power over others. Love can become a stronger passion than even
the Scorpio can handle, and possessiveness or jealousy can surface. Independence brings
balance. The Scorpio with inner security can let partners explore and remain receptive to their

The Positive Side of Scorpio:
The Scorpio man or woman generally knows what he or she wants out of life. He is a
determined person. He sees something through to the end. The Scorpion is quite sincere,
and seldom says anything he doesn’t mean. When he sets a goal for himself he tries to go
about achieving it in a very direct way.
The Scorpion is bracer and courageous. They are not afraid of hard work. Obstacles do not
frighten them. They forge ahead until they achieve what they set out for. The Scorpio man or
woman has a strong will.
Although the Scorpion may seem rather fixed and determined, inside he is often quite tender
and loving. He can care very much for others. He believes in sincerity in all relationships. His
feelings about someone tend to last; they are profound and not superficial.
The Scorpio person is someone who adheres to his principles no matter what happens. He
will not be deterred from a path he believes to be right.
Because of his many positive strengths, the Scorpion can often achieve happiness for
himself and for those that he loves.
He is a constructive person by nature. He often has a deep understanding of people and of
life, in general. He is perceptive and unafraid. Obstacles often seem to spur him on. He is a
positive person who enjoys winning. He has many strengths and resources; challenge of
any sort often brings out the best in him.

The Negative Side of Scorpio:
The Scorpio person is sometimes hypersensitive. Often he imagines injury when there is
none. He feels that others do not bother to recognize him for his true worth. Sometimes he
is given to excessive boasting in order to compensate for what he feels is neglect.
The Scorpio person ca be rather proud and arrogant. They can be rather sly when they put
their minds to it and they enjoy outwitting person or institutions noted for their cleverness.
Their tactics for getting what they want are sometimes devious and ruthless. They don’t care
too much about what others may think. If they feel others have done them an injustice, they
will do their best to seek revenge. The Scorpion often has a sudden, violent temper; and this
person’s interest in sex is sometimes quite unbalanced or excessive.

Romantic Sun Sign Profiles - Daily Horoscopes, Lovescopes, And Chinese Horoscopes.

Scorpio Introduction
Ruling the House of Sex can either be a blessing or a curse, and a lot depends on how the wily
Scorpion deals with this erotic burden. Those mystical and magical creatures born under the sign
of Scorpio are quick to channel their raw energy, power and strength into an exploration of their
lover's emotions and sexuality. The Scorpion is intuitive and wants to get to the bottom of things,
so there's no keeping secrets from this sexy Sign (although they'll surely keep a few of their own).
An alluring resourcefulness and self-confidence is also evident in Scorpios, these folks being
keenly attuned to what's best for them and how to get it. Anyone willing to take on the Scorpion
will be engaging a cosmic power with plentiful sexual urges. The good news? A caring and
devoted lover awaits. On the flip side, don't cross them, because those stingers can leave a heck
of a welt.

Scorpio in Romance
There's a hard-to-pin-down, magnetic quality which surrounds the Scorpion, an aura which says
"try me, if you dare!" That's just what Scorpions want, someone fearless, who is willing to help
create the ultimate romance, one which will take them to greater heights than ever before. When
this works, the Scorpion's passions are unleashed with hurricane force. If, however, the romance
zigs, zags and bouts of jealousy may be the unwelcome result. Ruling planets Mars and Pluto
might prompt Scorpio to think that romance is a clash of wills, but a clever lover is the one who
can bring this warrior to see that a pincer movement to the heart is the sweetest of all.

Scorpio in Relationship
Guess who's in charge here? You've got it, the strong Scorpion, who is not quite ready to be
controlled by others. This can make for an interesting relationship dynamic and one very sexy
chess game. What the Scorpion wants are sex, love and money from a lover, and the absolute
best where all three are concerned. Deep down, though, it's sex and the power it brings which
carry the most weight with this libidinous soul. Scorpions are possessed of a steely determination
and a strong sense of what is best for them. Thankfully, this often takes into account their partner,
and they are quick to be giving with the right lover, and to make their life very easy. As long as
the Scorpion wins, there will be harmony in the mating game. The ideal Scorpio soul mate can go
twelve rounds anywhere, anytime and preferably in bed.
The Scorpion is as clever in love as in life: Much of what's going on is a tactical game, one they
are more than likely to win. Scorpios can be very sexy when in love, and that says a lot about
members of this already sexy sign. When in love, the Scorpion can be intensely passionate, a
rush of fluid feelings in keeping with this Water-born sign. Often, though, there is a push-pull in
the dance of love, thanks to the Scorpion's many motivations. A lover who is willing to discover
what's really beneath the surface will serve both the Scorpion and themselves very well.

Scorpio and Sex
The Sex God of the Zodiac has quite a lot to live up to! The Scorpion does just that, thank you
very much. The sexual prowess and drive of those born under this sign is legendary. Scorpions
smolder with every come-hither look, alluring wink of an eye and mysterious stare. If you want to
ride a tiger to an emotional and sexual crescendo, jump on the curvy back of the sleek Scorpion.
The Scorpio lover has an almost hyper natural libido, and loves giving sensual pleasure, although
receiving it is nice, too. Variety as the spice of life is the golden rule here, and Scorpio loves to
choreograph the scene for maximum mutual satisfaction. Any lover stepping into this lair best be
ready, since keeping up is a must. Scorpions adore a lover who can go on forever, the perfect gift
for this truly sexual being. If that lover brings some toys along, things will be tied up oh-so-neatly.

What Scorpio Needs?
A challenge is something that makes the Scorpion swoon: The prospect of someone who can test
them and who can make the game fast and fun is almost irresistible. Scorpio, of course, wants
nothing but the best, so winners only need apply. Scorpions are also eager to find a strong,
understanding and perceptive partner, someone who embraces the many facets of this volcanic
lover. What else? Someone who won't judge them, who possesses raw personal power
themselves, who keeps the game interesting, who has a red-hot sex drive and who knows how to
talk when it's important to the relationship. Not much to ask, eh?
The Scorpio lover is determined, forceful, has great passion and strength and finishes what they
start. This is a powerful and sexual being who isn't for the faint-hearted. Those with guts are
bound for glory! - Daily Horoscopes, Lovescopes, And Chinese Horoscopes.


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