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Gemini Sun Sign Predictions

(May 21 to June 20)

Gemini is an Air Sign
Adaptability is the keynote of this sign. Gemini people are not only
versatile, they are quick to grasp situations and will act on the spur of
the moment, often very effectively. The governing planet, Mercury, is a
strong factor in the "act now, explain later" policy so prevalent with
this sign but Gemini persons are so naturally adaptable to any turn of
affairs that they frequently come up with answers during the course of
action. Duality of nature is a concomitant of the Twin sign and while
cases of split personality are comparatively rare, the Gemini mind runs
to contradictions. When they go to such extremes, they manage to make
their policy sound plausible, at least to their own satisfaction. As well as
being imaginative, they are generous and affectionate but their
frequent desire for a change makes them dissatisfied with existing
conditions. They are clever, witty and have an easy way of covering or
excusing their faults, without ever intending to correct them.

Birth Stone: Alexandrine
Color: Yellow
Power Stone: Mossagate
Metal: Mercurium
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Flower: Camellia

The Air element of Gemini brings communication, intellect and speed! This is one of the joy-of life signs, one that reaches out, expands and expresses. Ruler of Mercury. Gemini is an
inquisitive student with a quick grasp of subjects. Mutable motivation brings adaptability. This is
wonderful because variety-loving Gemini needs change. A flexible personality ensures that
Gemini can connect with others. Gemini's active energy can go too far, and then Gemini has a
hard time finding the right direction. Members of this sign needs a countervailing force of
stability. The desire to communicate quickly and rapidly benefits when tempered by receptivity.
Then not only can the Twins speak, they can listen in return -- and complete the circuit! Balance
comes from slowing down, listening, and learning the fine art of follow-through!

The Positive Side of Gemini:
The person born under this sign of the Heavenly Twins is usually quite bright and quick-witted.
Some of them are capable of doing many different things. The Gemini person very
often has many different interest. He keeps an open mind and is always anxious to learn
new things.
The Geminian is often an analytical person. He is a person who enjoys making use of his
intellect. He is governed more by his mind than by his emotions. He is a person who is not
confined to one view; he can often understand both sides to a problem or question. He
knows how to reason; how to make rapid decisions if need be.
He is an adaptable person and can make himself at home almost anywhere. There are all
kinds of situations he can adapt to. He is a person who seldom doubts himself; he is sure of
his talents and his ability to think and reason. The Geminian is generally most satisfied when
he is in a situation where he can make use of his intellect. Never short of imagination, he
often has strong talents for invention. He is rather a modern person when it comes to life;
the Geminian almost always moves along with the times-perhaps that is why he remains so
youthful throughout most of his life.
Literature and art appeal to the person born under this sign. Creativity in almost any form
will interest and intrigue the Gemini man or woman.
The Geminian is often quite charming. A good talker, he often is the center of attraction at
any gathering. People find it easy to like a person born under this sign because he can
appear easygoing and usually has a good sense of humor

The Negative Side of Gemini:
Sometimes the Gemini person tries to do too many things at one time-and as a result, winds
up finishing nothing. Some Geminians are easily distracted and find it rather difficult to
concentrate on one thing for too long a time. Sometimes they give in to trifling fancies and
find it rather boring to become too serious about anything. Some of them are never
dependable, no matter what they promise.
Although the Gemini man or woman often appears to be well-versed on many subjects, this
is sometimes just a veneer. His knowledge may be only superficial, but because he speaks
so well he gives people the impression of erudition. Some Geminians are sharp-tongued
and inconsiderate; they think only of themselves and their own pleasure.

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Gemini Introduction
Describing the Twins as mercurial is right on the money, since Gemini is ruled by the Planet
Mercury. Moving, restless, seeking, learning -- Gemini is constant motion, a torrent of wind which
is in keeping with this sign's element of Air. The Twins are highly intellectual and won't hesitate to
play mind games with a lover, mere child's play to them. They are also great communicators, so
get ready to hear everything from pithy remarks to impassioned pleas. Inventive, quick-witted and
fun, the Twins will jump around from one lover to the next until they find one who is almost as
smart as they are and able to keep up in this high-spirited race. The reward for those who can
lasso a Gemini is a free-spirited lover who shines at parties but is also a devil in the bedroom.
Many Geminis are also ambidextrous. Ooh.

Gemini in Romance
A love affair with a Gemini requires great stamina, so start doing those push-ups now! The Twins
are both fun and funny and love to laugh, play and romp. They are possessed of a very active
mind, which can sometimes lead to a short attention span. The best way to keep the Twins
around, and aroused, is through mental stimulation. A razor-sharp and imaginative lover is a
godsend to the terrific Twins. This sign also values adventure and travel, so a certain footloose
and fancy freeness will help this romance bloom. The duality of the Twins allows them to see
both sides of an issue, so in times of stress, they are much likelier to be a lover than a fighter.
They will also feel especially connected to those who can help them feel, since they spend so
much of their time thinking.

Gemini in Relationship
A union with Gemini is many things, but it is certainly never boring. The Twins, above all, seek a
partner who is mentally stimulating, and once they've found them, sparks will definitely fly! The
Twins' lover must be able to keep up in the fast-paced gamed of life, lest they get bored and
move on. Variety of expression, a certain openness and a searching quality are all things which
will stimulate the Twins and keep them around. Those born under this sign love to dazzle with
their intelligence and quick wit and are consequently the star of any party. Jealous lovers will find
themselves tested by Gemini's magnetism, and often it's the Twins themselves who are giving the
test, to see if a lover is really true. The lover who can keep the Twins feeling comfortable yet give
them space will win themselves a lover beyond compare. At the end of the day, the ideal Gemini
soul mate has a Ph.D., and is a world traveler with countless tales to tell.

Gemini in Love
The game of love is a real adventure for the Twins, since the chase can seem so much more fun.
The real question for Gemini is, can they find that one person who is a keeper and will keep them
happy forever? If there are any doubts, the Twins will just keep on looking. When in love, Gemini
can be a very caring and thoughtful partner, someone who will do somersaults to keep their lover
happy. Often, though, the Twins find themselves adrift in the sea of love, feeling vulnerable and
needing something, or someone, to fill a lonely void. For all the party chatter and intense brain
waves, the Twins have a bit of a melancholy spot, and tenderness and affection can be the
perfect antidote.

Gemini and Sex
The Twins aren't asking for much, just someone who will stimulate their mind for a great time. Of
course, those mental hijinks need to have a bit of follow-through, so a lover with variety on their
mind will score a perfect 10. That said, a quickie in the back seat of a fast car is just what the
doctor ordered on some days. Face it, this sign is versatile! Most of all, though, sex is a mental
sport for Gemini. The act begins in the head and works its way down and around. Gemini is
always in search of the perfect lover and the perfect sexual experience. Once they (hopefully) find
it, they will want, and give, stimulation to all the senses, for sight, sound and touch are all
important. Bottom line: The Twins want something different and something complete. Not too
much to ask, right?

What Gemini Needs
Someone who can roll with the punches and keep smiling in the face of a multi-faceted onslaught
is priceless to the hyperactive Twins. It's an added plus if that person is smart, fun, a good friend
and a great sport. Geminis need someone who can be attentive to them and who will naturally
enjoy their sparkle and wit. They also prefer a strong partner who is not necessarily as smart as
they are but who can pick them up, emotionally, when necessary. If the Twins can make a
marvelous mental match, life will be a dream.
The Gemini lover is easygoing and caring, yet daring and a ball of fire at the right moments.
Mental fireworks are high on their agenda, their own as well as those they can make with another.
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