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Cancer Sun Sign Predictions

(June 21 to July 22)

Cancer is a Water Sign
Here we find people who are tried and true, who cling to tradition as
though they were part of it. Yet their moods and even their purposes
may become as changeable as the sign's ruling planet, the Moon. This
self-contradiction is understandable, when recognized as part of the
individual's innate nature. These people are home loving, fond of
family life and domestic tranquility but they also enjoy travel and
adventure. They love the past and sometimes practically live in it,
which accounts for the way they seek the new, yet always come back to
the old. Persons born under this sign are very sensitive, though they
frequently din not show it. Argument wears them down, criticism hurts
them and crablike, they crawl into their shells. Though strongly
conservative, they are fond of amusements and social life. These people
are frequently vivacious and are humanitarians as well, devoting
themselves to worthy causes.
Birth Stone: Ruby
Color:  Silver
Power stone: Sodalith
Metal: Silver
Ruling Planet: Moon
Flower: Lilly of the Valley
Cancer's element is Water. Symbolic of the emotions, water signs need to give and receive.
They thrive on the exchange of feelings. They need security and love to be wrapped in an
environment of love and comfort. Truly a wonderful example of Yin receptivity, Cancer seems to
absorb memories, feelings and psychic messages. Of course, they send back their own good
vibes in the process. The cardinal' motivation energizes their strong ability to provide for others.
Few work as hard and as tenaciously as Cancer. Without the balance of Yang assertiveness,
however, Cancer's confidence can be a bit wobbly. After all, the Crab is so very sensitive to
everything. Just as the sign's ruler, the Moon goes through phases, Cancer often experiences
mood-swings. Sometimes the desire to love results in giving too much. In such cases, the Crab
can become over-protective or dependent. Balanced, the Cancer adds personal independence
to his or her priorities.

The Positive Side of Cancer:
The Cancerian’s most positive point is his understanding nature. On the whole, he is a
loving and sympathetic person. He would never go out of his way to hurt anyone. The
Cancer man or woman is often very kind and tender; they give what they can to others.
They hate to se others suffering and will do what they can to help someone in less fortunate
circumstances than themselves. They are often very concerned about the world. Their
interest in people generally foes beyond that of just their own families and close friends; they
have a deep sense of brotherhood and respect humanitarian values. The Cancerian means
what he says, as a rule; he is honest about his feelings.
The Cancer man or woman is a person who knows the art of patience. When something
seems difficult, he is willing to wait until the situation become manageable again. He is a
person who knows how to bide his time. The Cancerian knows how to concentrate on one
thing at a time. When he has made his mind up he generally sticks with what he does,
seeing it through to the end.
The Cancerian is a person who loves his home. He enjoys being surrounded by familiar
things and the people he loves. Of all the signs, Cancer is the most maternal. Even the men
born under this sign often have a motherly or protective quality about the. They like to take
care of people in the their family-to see that they are well loved and well provided for. They
are usually loyal and faithful. Family ties mean a lot to the Cancer man or woman. Parents
and in-laws are respected and loved. The Cancerian has a strong sense of tradition. He is
very sensitive to the moods of others.

The Negative Side of Cancer:
Sometimes the Cancerian finds it rather hard to face life. It becomes too much for him. He
can be a little timid and tiring, when things don’t go too well. When unfortunate things
happen, he is apt to just shrug and say, "Whatever will be, will be." He can be fatalistic to a
fault. The uncultivated Cancerian is a bit lazy. He doesn’t have very much ambition.
Anything that seems a bit difficult he’ll gladly leave to others. He may be lacking in initiative.
Too sensitive, when he feels he’s been injured, he’ll crawl back into his shell and nurse his
imaginary wounds. The Cancer woman often is given to crying when the smallest thing goes
Some Cancerians find it difficult to enjoy themselves in environments outside their homes.
They make heavy demands on others, and need to be constantly reassured that they are

Romantic Sun Sign Profiles - Daily Horoscopes, Lovescopes, And Chinese Horoscopes.

Cancer Introduction
Home is where the heart is for Cancer, a great nurturer and protector of family, home and
tradition. This sign is ruled by the Moon, and the Crab's emotions often swing with the cycle of
that shimmering orb. Catch that mood on an upswing, and you are likely to encounter a caring
and devoted soul who can easily take the lead in romance. The strong-willed, persistent Crab will
usually get its way, but that's not a bad thing, since it usually means being drawn into a shell,
which is rife with carnal pleasures. As is natural to a Water sign, Cancer's moods can flow like a
meandering river or rage like the highest seas. Either way, the Crab rewards brave sailors with a
seductive nest in which to test many moods, feelings and emotions. Scarlett O'Hara, that great
protector of Tara must've been a Crab!

Cancer in Romance
Where the romance dance is concerned, the Crab enjoys being the initiator in the game of love.
Gentle, tender probing can soon turn to heightened passion, and few will be able to resist
Cancer's charms, which is just fine. Romance here often involves a beautifully prepared meal,
since those born under this sign have an innate feel for the comforts of home and the joys they
can bring. This love of physical and emotional well-being, which the Crab must have, is a duty
which a partner must help to fulfill. If this isn't achieved, the Crab might retreat into its pesky shell.
When Cancerians are in full flower, they can make their lover feel like the center of the universe,
and might feel the same way themselves.

Cancer in Relationship
Call it a sixth sense, good gut or intuition, but whatever the name, the Crab has it. Members of
this sign have an excellent instinct for which partner will serve them well and, once they hone in,
it's a laser beam shot. Cancer's charm and magnetism are qualities which will prove most alluring
to a lover and, coupled with their nurturing need, will prove hard to resist. The Crab loves to feel
secure, so a lover who remembers birthdays and other special days, or simply pops a bottle of
champagne for no special reason will be rewarded with tenderness and affection. If the Crab
tests a lover with occasional bouts of jealousy, it's only because a stronger emotional response is
craved. The ideal Cancer soul mate can spoon on the couch and watch TV all night long.

Cancer in Love
A slow, yet smoldering, courtship is what the Crab loves. What's the rush, anyway? The Crab is
determined to win, so the prelims should go on for as long as possible. Once love is in the air,
Cancerians prove themselves devoted lovers, protective of the object of their affections, and
unusually helpful and sympathetic. The Crab is an emotional bag of tricks and will feel most
things very strongly, so don't be the one to cross them. That said, Cancer may be the perfect sign
for a lover seeking pampering and seduction, someone who is willing to learn a thing or two in the
game of love. An honest love -- and lover -- become Cancer, for it is in this safe environment that
they are best able to create a warm home and indulge their nurturing instincts.

Cancer and Sex
Like the rest of their life, a sexual encounter with Cancer is much like a slow dance, but if you've
got the right moves, you can take the Crab on a torrid tango. Ole! The emotional firepower that
can be aroused within Cancer usually manifests itself as a series of wonderful fantasies and less
as sexual acrobatics. Either way, it's pure pleasure for both partners. The Crab is also quite
intuitive and can generally sense what their lover wants, which makes an encounter between the
sheets a finely-tuned union. Cancer's feminine side is often on display in the bedroom, which
means the Crab enjoys being made love to. The good news is that the Crab is a very receptive
student! With the Crab, sex often equals love and its nurturing aspects (such as home and
hearth), so anyone who can appeal to this sign's deep need for security is likely to unleash a volcanic eruption of sensual treats. Being a Water sign, Cancerians are quite fond of sex on the
beach or in the sea.

What Cancer Needs?
What Cancer wants most is a partner who can take things slow and easy, secure in the
knowledge that the ultimate victory will be sweet for both. An exchange of emotions is also ideal
for the Crab, whether it's through sex, sports or some passionately-penned correspondence.
Cancerians are great one-on-one and love that type of interaction, but they are also good at
parties and enjoy dazzling a crowd. Consequently, an understanding lover is key. A partner as
intuitive as the Crab will also help to draw them out of their shell and keep them out. In the end, a
strong partner who can set the table and be there for the Crab is heaven-sent, and if they know
how to retreat when necessary, even better.
The nest is the most natural place for the affectionate Crab to be, and if they can share that
space with someone special -- well, that's hard to beat. The emotions of this winning sign help to
make Cancerians empathetic and caring lovers, the sort of people who glow like the moon and
flow like the sea. - Daily Horoscopes, Lovescopes, And Chinese Horoscopes.


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