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Capricorn Sun Sign Prediction

(December 22 to January 19)

Capricorn is an Earth Sign
This is the scholarly, intellectual sign, producing deep thinkers and
philosophers, yet with it, Capricorn people apply themselves to
practical things. This aspect helps them shake off the gloomy moods
caused by their governing planet, Saturn. As a result, Capricorns are
generally regarded as extremists, though often they are simply striving
to strike a proper balance. These people are calm and deliberate in
method and action. They approach new subjects in a scholarly fashion
and instinctively try to increase their range of knowledge. They are
good organizers as well as philosophers and they like to think things
out alone. Here, they show the Saturnian love of solitude, which is good
when practically applied, but should be avoided if it produces morbid
trends. Capricorns have something resembling a psychic sense and are
often quite aware of it.
Birth Stone: Garnet
Color: Earth Colors
Power Stone: Onyx
Metal: Silver
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Flower: Geranium

Capricorn is the leader of the Earth signs, ruler of Saturn. Here is a stabilizing force, one of the
hardest-working signs of the Zodiac. The Mountain Goat has intense powers of self concentration, but not in an egotistical sense. Members of this sign find a great deal more
confidence what they do than in who they are. Earth hangs tough when it comes to stabilization,
so achievement provides that stability and structure. Capricorn is one very high-achiever!
Without balance, however, Capricorn can become too rigid -- as in the tall palm tree, falling to
the ground, under heavy wind-gusts. To be able to move with the winds of change, the
Mountain Goat must bend and flex a little bit! That makes life much easier. Capricorn can also
focus too much on achievement. Then they forget the little joys in life. When the Goat finally
relaxes and enjoys life, his or her most delightful secrets emerge. No one has a better sense of
humor than the Capricorn. Oh, that Cap might let us bask in that warm smile! :-)

The Positive Side of Capricorn:
The person born under the sign of Capricorn is usually very stable and patient. He sticks to
whatever task he has and sees them through. He can always be relied upon and he is not
averse to work.
An honest person, the Capricornian is generally serious about whatever he does. He does
not take his duties lightly. He is a practical person and believes in keeping his feet on the
Quite often the person born under this sign is ambitious and knows how to get what he
wants out of life. He forges ahead and never gives up his goal. When he is determined
about something, he almost always wins. He is a good worker-a hard worker. Although
things may not come easy to him, he will not complain but continue working until his chores
are finished.
He is usually good at business matters and knows the value of money. He is not a
spendthrift and knows how to put something away for a rainy day; he dislikes waste and
unnecessary loss.
The Capricornian knows how to make use of his self-control. He can apply himself to almost
anything once he puts his mind to it. His ability to concentrate sometimes astounds others.
He is diligent and does well when involved in detail work.
The Capricorn man or woman is charitable, generally speaking, and will do what is possible
to help others less fortunate. As friend, he is loyal and trustworthy. He never shirks his
duties or responsibilities. He is self-reliant and never expects too much of the other fellow.
He does what he can on his own. If someone does him a good turn, then he will do his best
to return the favor.

The Negative Side of Capricorn:
Like everyone, the Capricornian, too, has his faults. At times, he can be over-critical of
others. He expects others to live up to his own high standards. He thinks highly of himself
and tends to look down on others.
His interest in material things may be exaggerated. The Capricorn man or woman thinks too
much about getting on in the world and having something to show for it. He may even be a
little greedy.
He sometimes thinks he knows what’s the best for everyone. He is too bossy. He is always
trying to organize and correct others. He may be a little narrow in his thinking.

Romantic Sun Sign Profiles - Daily Horoscopes, Lovescopes, And Chinese Horoscopes.

Capricorn Introduction
The worker bees of the Zodiac are Capricorns, an ambitious and determined lot who are willing to do what it takes to get what they want. It sounds like this work could be fun where love is
concerned, especially if the payoff is silky sweet. Much like the Sea Goat, which symbolizes the
members of this Sign, Capricorn is forever climbing and reaching for greater heights. Where a
lover is concerned, the crescendo of dating, romance and mating can be electric, indeed. The
Sea Goat is also organized and happy to craft a beautiful romance for that special someone.
Social status is also important to Capricorn, so it's more than likely that the mating game will
involve a healthy dose of glamour and dazzle. The one who wins their heart will be powerful in
both the boardroom and the bedroom. Yes, power is a strong aphrodisiac for the sleek Sea Goat, and in return, their lover will get a most devoted and grateful partner.

Capricorn in Romance
The often traditional, somewhat reserved and usually cautious Sea Goat is certain to take some
time to size up the stakes in the game of love. Capricorn knows what they want, and once they fix their eyes on the prize, will work hard to get it. These folks are winners and often attract the
same. They also like things to be orderly and pretty and know that they'll get much more with
honey than with vinegar. Focused as they are on appearances, Capricorn is likely to lure an
attractive lover and one who will give them the full flush of love. Nothing could be sexier! The
smart Sea Goat enjoys combining the practical and the romantic, which means that anything it
does is likely to combine both work and play. Toiling with this prancing animal, though, can be
loads of fun.

Capricorn in Relationship
Where the 'us' thing is concerned, Capricorn keeps the ground rules pretty simple: Those with
money, power and the trappings of success should step up to the plate. A relationship with the
Sea Goat does cut both ways, for those born under this sign will work hard at taking a union with the right person to newer and continually greater heights. If their lover can throw in a dash of excitement along the way, all the better, since the Sea Goat loves a splashy social occasion and the chance to flash some finery. A bit of solidity, along with excitement and passion, is just the right mix. In the ideal relationship, the Sea Goat is a wellspring of love; a lover who can give off themselves completely and protect the object of their affections. Capricorn's ideal soul mate is at the top of their game and willing to take the Sea Goat along for this stylish ride.

Capricorn in Love
The person out there wailing "Is that all there is?" a la Peggy Lee might well be a Capricorn, since love can at times be difficult for these folks. This measure of mistrust might well be attributed to a fear of losing oneself in affairs of the heart. The good news is that with the right one, the Sea
Goat positively blooms in love, and is a loyal and devoted partner. When they give, their love is
total. Not only that, it's also delicious for both, since Capricorns can easily engage in dreamy
states where their lover's complete satisfaction is all that's on their mind. This can mean creating a beautiful home (although it's likely to be with their lover's money) or being the perfect partner at a party. Love is a blissful state for the Sea Goat, and one which they will work hard to keep.

Capricorn and Sex
Behind that cool Capricorn exterior lies a white-hot interior waiting to be discovered by a worthy
lover. Splendor beneath the sheets is likely to be a straight-ahead affair for the Sea Goat, since
this practical Earth sign doesn't need anything flashy or fancy to get aroused. The arousal here is from being happily in love, since love and sex do go hand in hand for Capricorn. The Sea Goat is a persistent, passionate and loyal lover, so whoever is on the receiving end is in for a guaranteed good time. While Capricorns abhor being dependent on their lover, they would certainly like to be nurtured by them and exposed to new levels of delight. There is no doubting that the frisky Sea Goat can explode with an understanding, strong and libidinous partner.

What Capricorn Needs?
The competitive streak in the Sea Goat means that they are attracted to a game that's fun -- and
also one which they can probably win. It's likely that their sights will be fixed on someone classy
and sexy and also with plenty of money and tales of success to turn heads, including theirs. The
right partner is also responsive and has their feet planted firmly on the ground, as they do. If the
Sea Goat's mate can both chill them out and bring them out, it could be a match made in sexy
The Capricorn lover sets goals, works hard and won't be denied. They are ambitious yet devoted, an intense (often internal) flame waiting to burn for the right person. Those lucky enough to latch on will have a winner in their midst, and a fun one at that! - Daily Horoscopes, Lovescopes, And Chinese Horoscopes.


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