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Nature of Planets (கிரகங்களின் குணங்கள்): Sun (சூரியன்)

The Sun, according to the Vedas, is the parent of all existing phenomena in the solar system. He is the ruler of all the planets that rotate around him. Sun bestows willpower, energy and fortune to each and every individual, enabling them to live life to its grandest. Right from the looks of a being, to his personality, wisdom and achievements, Sun has the dominant role to play. Sun provides with the physical, as well as psychological makeup of a person. Its benevolence is received by kings, leaders, politicians, artists, jewelers, gemologists, actors etc.  The Sun is considered to be the soul of Kala Purusha (Kala = time, Purusha = being; combined, it means the being that binds himself to Time). Its colored is blood red, its nature is bile-dominated, and it is the lord of the direction east. It is the ruler of the zodiacal sign, Leo, and is exalted in the sign Aries, debilitated in Libra, and exiled in Aquarius. The Moon, Mars, and Guru are its natural friends, and Venus, Saturn, Rahu (dragon’s head, or the north node of the Moon), and Ketu (dragon’s tail, the south node of the Moon) are its natural enemies. Nakshatras Kritika, Uttra Phalguni, and Uttra Khad are ruled by the Sun.


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